Best Summer Foods to Eat If You’re Trying to Lose Weight


If you actually need to lose weight, you’d probably love a magic food that you could eat as much as you want without impacting your weight.
Eat foods that make you feel full and satisfied, and your body won’t want to consume as many calories, so you’ll ultimately shed stubborn pounds. Think of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, particularly ones that taste especially good in summer months, because you’ll want to fill up on them, and those with supposed superpowers, according to science. Here’s what you’ll want to dig into from summer’s bounty:


This summer staple contains the kind of fiber that binds with and carries fat out of your system. But it gets better: Watermelon also contains a high percentage of water, which helps keep you hydrated and thus can increase your overall calorie expenditure, according to several studies.


Like many fruits, they’re packed with fiber and other nutrients. But they’re also one of the lower-calorie fruits on the list above, and easier to manage than a whole watermelon when you’re food shopping.

Summer Squash

Zucchini has its own merits — i.e., it’s low in calories — but its best trick is standing in for higher-calorie pasta. (Just spiralize and sauté, or swap for noodles in a pasta recipe.)


In season starting in midsummer, kale is already every healthy person’s salad staple. But the  nutrient-dense green can also add a solid dose of fiber to a Greek yogurt-based smoothie. This combo makes a super-filling and refreshing summer snack that fends off urges to reach for higher-calorie snacks.


The main reasons these bad boys taste refreshing AF is their high water content, which helps the body stay hydrated and stops dehydration from masquerading as hunger.


As if you need a reason to eat summer tomatoes (if you’ve tasted them, you’ve tasted heaven), they’re another great source of water you can eat.


Of course summer can’t happen without avocado, but it’s the low-sugar fruit’s unique mix of healthy fats and fiber that gives it a special spot on this list. (Remember: Dietary fat slows digestion so you don’t end up eating more calories than your body needs.)


You’d never guess that one cup of these berries contains less sugar than any other summer berries — and it’s sugar that makes your blood sugar go berserk, leaving you hungry again shortly after eating.